Today begins a seminar organized by The Human Rights Association of Andalusia (APDHA), in collaboration with Novact- International Institute for Nonviolent Action.  A meeting that will bring together experts in the field of military companies.

The use of private military and security companies has grown extensively in the last two decades. Global Policy Forum, an advisory body of the Security Council of United Nations, said that these companies operate in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Gulf of Aden, as well as in Africa and Latin America. Western governments also have increased recruitment for national service. In addition, the UN has increased dramatically their use, giving them an important influence on security policy, as reflected in the 2012 report of GPF.

These companies question the sovereignty of the people. Legitimate governments are the sole repositories of military force states. Its activity complicates the conflicts with serious impacts on the civilian population. They have become crucial actors of war and Western security policies. However, their actions on the ground have little reflection on the latest international mass media. Who are the owners of these companies? How do they work? What is the profile of your soldiers? Is there an international regulation? What is the UN doing?

The Human Rights Association of Andalusia (APDHA) has organized, in collaboration with Novact- International Institute for Nonviolent Action, a seminar on “The privatization of war: private military companies and mercenaries.” Under this initiative, several experts, researchers and journalists   will be invited to focus the issue in many countries worldwide.

The seminar starts today, thursday 29th, at the Press Association of Cadiz. The first lecture, entitled Report and campaign on privatization of war. The case of Iraq will be held by Leticia Armendariz co-author on the research The Privatization of Warfare, Violence and Private Military & Security Companies for The International Coalition to Control PMSC.

Date: thursday 29th november 2012

Time: 19:00

Place:  Press Association of Cadiz