The Internatonal Coalition to Control PMSC at UN

The Open-ended Intergovernmental working group to consider the possibility of elaborating an international regulatory framework on the activities of PMSCs (OEIWG) has submitted today the provisional report of its 2nd session. Among its conclusions and recommendations are the followings:

  • To continue the discussion within the OEIWG. Despite certain fears that future discussions on the regulation of activities of PMSCs may be take out the Human rights Council agenda, this recommendation implies that the OEIWG will still be the forum next year -two sessions will be held- for discussing on a regulatory framework for PMSCs.
  • Future considerations of the Human Rights aspects of this issue, such us the accountability and remedies for victims, the distinction between the activities of Private Military and Private Security companies, and overview of the existing national legislation. These are the main aspects of the military and security privatization phenomenon which States delegations have considered relevant to discuss further on the next sessions.
  • And to further consider the possibility of an international regulatory framework, including the option of elaborating a legally binding instrument on the regulation of PMSC as well as other approaches, including international standards and the way in which they might interact to protect human rights. This recommendation should be considered a great achievement of the OEIWG and its search for consensus among the members. Though some States delegations –mainly EU, UK and the US- expressed their view as opposing to the necessity of an international binding instrument for regulate PMSC sector, they have agreed on keep on discussing the issue on regulatory avenues and particularly the possibility of the interaction with other non-binding, i.e. voluntary, instruments, such as the International Code of Conduct.

The International Coalition for the Control of PMSC, through their member “International organization for the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination”, participated and played an active role during the event. The final report, which will be posted at the UN Human Rights Council website in the upcoming weeks, reflects the different points and topics raised by the members of our Coalition. Moreover, the International Coalition to Control PMSC will advance its strategy at the advocacy and research level, while strength their coalition with new members organizations. You will find more information about the future actions of the Control PMSC’s campaign at