This research, carried out by Leticia Armendáriz, researcher from NOVACT, in collaboration with the International Coalition ControlPMSC, is an analysis based on a case study on the use and activities of PMSCs in a conflict situation and, in particular, is focused on how territorial states where these companies operate, as Afghanistan, are responding to the challenge of the regulation and control of these armed groups. One of the most important conclusions in the research is that part of PMSCs will remain in Afghanistan as an armed element surviving the withdrawal of foreign military forces planned for 2014. These companies are important actors that perpetuate a militarized society model and can have potentially destabilizing effects in the transition stage of the country. 

The report highlights the need for international regulation of PMSCs to serve for regulation at the time of their arrival in countries at war. From a human rights perspective, this could mean that regional states have a real commitment to fulfilling its obligations to protect human rights and ensure respect for humanitarian law under its jurisdiction.