Negocis Ocults [Hidden Business] group -composed by NGOs and social movements in Catalonia- launched, within the framework of the campaign No more complicity with Israel, a research to denounce the security, military and armament relations between Spain and Israel.

Some days before the presentation of the research, the group 15Mbcntv has released a video accompanied by a social media campaign with the tag #TestedInCombat to demonstrate, once again, the complicity and cooperation between Spain and Israel by their public institutions and private companies in the field of public security. For instance, the Government of Catalonia is one of hundreds of governments that buy arms and security equipment to Israel. Even, some Mossos troops are training in Israel through the security Spanish firm Guardian Homeland Security, based in Madrid.

On the 20th of February Negocis Ocults will present the research Defense, security and occupation as a business at the University of Barcelona with the presence of Rafeef Ziadah, a Palestinian human rights activist and member of the ControlPMSC network.