On 14th and 15th December the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (Ramallah – al-Bireh, Nablus Street, behind the Palestinian Monetary Authority) will host a seminar on Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) & Human Rights in the framework of the Human Rights Defenders in Action project wow gold.

The Israeli occupation of Palestine is on-going and ever-changing: PMSCs now carry out military and security activities that were traditionally performed by state military and security forces, including interrogations of detainees, intelligence gathering, repression and armed guard of military facilities. This trend towards privatization of military and security operations has increased so much that it threatens state sovereignty and with it the government’s ability to safeguard fundamental human rights. In Palestine the context is particularly complex since the Palestinian State is already under constant threat from the Israeli State.

The Human Rights Defenders in Action project, funded by the Municipality of Barcelona and the Remote Control Project, funded by Network for Social Change, is supported by several partners: the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, wow gold Who Profits and the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee.

ControlPMSC Coalition participates in this seminar with the partners of the Human Rights Defenders in Action project. The common goal is to contribute to increase awareness of the risk of PMSCs and how they infringe human rights.