On Tuesday 2nd December, the Area of Public International Law at the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and the Barcelona International Institut Studies (IBEI) organize a conference focused on the implications of the privatization of security at the management of national and internationally defense.

The research coordinator in ControlPMSC campaign, Leticia Armendáriz, will participate discussing the impact of private military and security companies (PMSCs) in situations of armed conflict and humanitarian crisis.

Thanks to its status as transnational companies, PMSCs have eluded any national legislation, but also at international level there is not a law regulating the private sector. At the same time, and meet the growing inability of some governments in countries in conflict to ensure the safety of its citizens, have become increasingly critical, from performing not only military functions, but also security services for all of actors, from diplomats to NGOs. Both the type of roles and their importance at national and international levels, demand that their activities are managed on the basis of guidelines to ensure access to human rights and security to all citizens of the countries where they operate.

To understand its importance today, and its interference at national level,  at the conference on next Tuesday it will be also discussed the contemporary transformations of the army and the discussion that involves security management: is it a public good available from private markets?

More information here (in Spanish).

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