NOVACT and the Iraqi organitzacion Al-Mesalla have organized the second methodological seminar for the creation of the Observatory of Private Military Security Companies (PMSC) and Human Rights in Erbil (Iraq) on 25th and 26th May 2015.

This seminar’s aim is to train a group of researchers who will monotor and analize Human Rights violations committed by PMSC in Iraq. The research team will be formed by 8 researchers from different regions in the country (Erbil, Sulaymaniya Bsrah, Duhok and Kirkuk) and by different profiles (journalists, Human Right defenders, legal advisors, etc).

During the 25th and 26th May, Dr Leticia Armendariz, headresearcher in NOVACT, and Felip Daza, coordinator of the project, will analize jointly with the Iraqi team: public security’s challenges; the evolution of security privatization in Iraq and it’s international ties; the impact of this phenomenon on Human Rights during the American occupation of Iraq. They will also develop a methodological frame to carry out the monitoring and coordination to obtain information to systematize in the Observatory.

The Observatory is a project from NOVACT to monitor and structure Human Rights violations committed by PMSC. The systematization of the impact of PMSC on Human Rights will allow to justify the creation of effective international binding regulation mechanisms. NOVACT is part of the International Campaign for this industry’s regulation: Control PMSC.

This research strategic platform is part of the international cooperation programme “CAMBIO- Consolidaci√≥n Actores Noviolentos en Iraq” supported by the Barcelona Council and Oxford Research Group through their project “Remote Control”.